Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Public Presentation of Rainha Golf & Spa project


Public Presentation of Rainha Golf & Spa project

The detailed plan for the Atlantic Road, which will allow the Rainha Golf & Spa Resort to happen, will be presented to the public in the parishes of Foz do Arelho and Serra do Bouro next week.
The presentation sessions will happen on the:
- Community Centre of Foz do Arelho - Thrusday, 24th of March - 9 pm
- Community Centre of Serra do Bouro - Monday, 28th of March - 9 pm
The sessions are public so anyone can assist and get more details on the project.
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Anonymous said...

Has there been any progress made on the Rainha Golf & Spa project. IS it under construction yet or is it still in planning?

Silver Coast Estate Agents said...

Hi there. The planning permission is approved to receive detailed projects and for infrastructures (roads & utilities) to start. Due to the current difficulties on the banks to give funding, the project is on hold and waiting for better economical times. I foresee that during next year we will have more news on the project. Regards, Richard