Saturday, 18 June 2011

24 hours Catamaran Race - Lagoa Obidos - Silver Coast

24 hours Catamaran Race - Lagoa Obidos - Silver Coast
TOPcasas Silver Coast Estate Agents, has the pleasure to announce that the Lagoon Sailing School (ESCOLA DE VELA DA LAGOA) will be organizing the annual edition of the Lagoons 24 hours
The following text was taken from ESCOLA DE VELA WEBSITE.
The exact dates vary each year, but a full moon illuminating the Lagoon is mandatory! 
This year’s event will be the 10th annual edition!  On June 18th and 19th, 2011, the teams will once again take to the Lagoon in what is set to be the best year so far!  These are the “24 hours on the Lagoon”!
Organized by ESCOLA DE VELA DA LAGOA and with the sponsorships of various organizations along with our local maritime authority, the “LAGOON’S 24 HOURS” has become an unforgettable event for all those who participate. 
We sail catamaran’s non-stop for 24 hours on a course of approx. 165 nautical miles (~300km).
But the excitement is not just on the Lagoon!  ESCOLA DE VELA DA LAGOA animates the shoreline with workshops, activities and music. 
By nightfall we enjoy a fantastic buffet barbeque dinner which reunites participants, guests and friends in a fabulously fun party!
Keeping the comfort and safety of our participants in mind, ESCOLA DE VELA DA LAGOA remains open and operational for the entire period!  
The coffee-shop is available for refreshments and light meals, and the change-rooms are available for hot showers! 
A section of the beach is also reserved for camping tents since a restful nap is always a welcome relief for tired team-mates who take turns sailing their catamarans.
ESCOLA DE VELA DA LAGOA cordially invites you to participate in this ever-growing event! 
This year promises to be bigger and better than ever! 
Sailing a moonlit Lagoon is an incredible experience! 
Even more important are the memories of an enjoyable and unique event with friends and family. 
We are sure you will enjoy participating in it as much as we enjoy hosting it!
See you during the full moon!

Posted via email from TOPcasas