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Cultural Events on the Silver Coast

28th of January 2010
Cultural Events on the Silver Coast
We are glad to bring to you on our website a list of cultural and other events happening in the month of February, on the Silver Coast.
In case you want to get access to more info on one of the events please feel free to contact us.
February is the month of the Carnival, which the Portuguese love! People get dressed with different customs and go together with friends, children & family to the streets to celebrate this event. The main days of this attraction is on Sunday and Tuesday!
When?Kind?Who or What?Where?

31/JanLocal FiestaTraditional Festivities – Tipical FiestaNadadouro
03/FebMusic ConcertTindersticsCCC – Caldas Rainha
07/FebTheatre ChildrenTheatre team "Os Papa-LéguasCCC – Caldas Rainha
07/FebBalletQuorum BalletSobral Monte Agraço
11/FebMusic ConcertConcert “Kanukanakina” & The Magial SculturesCCC – Caldas Rainha
12/FebMusic ConcertMafalda VeigaAlcobaça
12/Feb to 16/FebCarnivalCarnival Festivities 2010Nadadouro
12/Feb to 16/FebCarnivalCarnival Festivities 2010Caldas da Rainha
12/Feb to 16/FebCarnivalCarnival Festivities 2010Peniche
12/Feb to 16/FebCarnivalCarnival Festivities 2010Nazaré
12/Feb to 17/FebCarnivalCarnival Festivities 2010 – InvasionsTorres Vedras
14/FebMusic ConcertRita GuerraJosé Lúcio Theatre – Leiria
15/FebMusic ConcertCarnival Fiesta with Real Combo from LisbonCCC – Caldas Rainha
18/FebMusic ConcertTango MusicJosé Lúcio Theatre – Leiria
19/FebTheatreComedy TheatreAlcobaça
20/FebMusic ConcertShuman & ChopinSobral Monte Agraço
20/FebMusic ConcertDavid FonsecaCCC – Caldas Rainha
21/FebTheatreMusic for HomelessJosé Lúcio Theatre – Leiria
25/FebMusic ConcertJosé JamesCCC – Caldas Rainha
27/FebTheatreThe Year of the Magical ThoughtsTeatro-Cine Torres Vedras
27/FebTheatreSuper GorilaTeatro-Cine Torres Vedras
28/FebBalletMoscow Ballet with the Sleeping BeautyCCC – Caldas Rainha

Monday, 25 January 2010

New airport serving the Silver Coast for low cost flights? - 26th of January 2010
taken from the local newspaper "Gazeta das Caldas"

The Presidents of Tourism regions Western, Central and Leiria / Fátima will petition the government for a joint proposal to build an airport in the area of Leiria, designed especially for the tourist market and that would serve mainly low-cost airlines and charters.
This project is justified by the removal of the Lisbon airport to Alcochete, leaving the center and west of the most remote areas of travel, just when they are increasingly important to feed the tourist areas. Antonio Carneiro, president of Tourism of the West & Silver Coast, gives the example of Valladolid airport, which is a very simple structure of just a flag and an airstrip, which has been very successful because Ryan Air is used as the basis for cheap flights from there to Milan, London and Paris. The main feature of this investment would be to be very cheap, explains this charge, pointing to values between 20 to 50 million. "It has nothing to do with the airport Alcochete which will cost 3 billion, this is another championship, is something that can cost 1% of that investment. And do not detract from the importance because it will not compete with it, since it is designed to a very specific market, "he said. But to obtain more accurate data will soon be awarded a study by a consultant specialized in English. Given the argument that you can not have one airport in each city, Antonio Carneiro remember that Galicia has three airports and in the future, there will be three airports south of the Tagus (Sines, Beja and Faro), one north of the Douro (Porto) and none in the whole central region, which is precisely the region with more population. To proceed with this project there is a complete harmony "between the president of the tourism regions of Western, Central and Leria / Fatima, and the Mayor of Porto, Raul Castro said the same charge, outside the Stock Exchange Lisbon Tourism Fair (BTL) held in Lisbon last week. "If we got a base or a Ryan Air's operations in central Portugal, could boost tourism in the west coast, including the residential tourism," said he, adding that in addition to the business axis Marinha Grande - Leiria and Santuario of Fatima, is also an interesting search for a regional airport. At least, much more than expected in the Cova da Beira, where the idea continue to do in Covilhã city a regional airport. And this is the race that the Center and the West must win, convinced that that infrastructure makes much more sense on the coast. For Antonio Carneiro, the airport could be at the base area of Monte Real, there is nothing preventing this from continuing to have its military function. After all, the airport Lages in the Azores, is also an air base and the huge airport Frankfurt. Another possible location would be near Leiria in the future train station that will serve the TGV line and the West, the effect being evident advantages.

Our coment:
The future airport of Alcochete is meant to be open and operating in 2017. There are still strong discussions whether the airport in Lisbon (Portela) will be closed with the opening of the new one or not.
In any case both airports Portela & Alcochete are set around 100 kms from Obidos, more or less an hour drive from here.
The possibility of a new airport being built in Leiria, would make it to be set in 30 minutes drive from Obidos.
The opening of big Hotels* in the Silver Coast may have a word to say on the decision the Government will take on this issue.

Like ever, we will not sell properties based in the fact that the area will be served by another airport, we think that if this one comes great, if it doesn't then it will not be a problem at all, as 1 hour drive to this lovely area is not much after all!

* Hilton 5* in Bom Sucesso, Marriott 5* in Praia del Rey, Hyatt 5* in Foz do Arelho, 5* Hotel in Golden Eagle, 5* Hotel in Royal Obidos, 5* Westin in Camporeal.

Ronaldo & Zidane All Stars vs Benfica

25th of January 2010 -
Ronaldo & Zidane All Stars vs Benfica All Stars
The famous team of Ronaldo & Zidane Friends, plays today in Benfica Lisbon Stadium against the local team.
All funds raised in this activity will be given to help the people of Haiti.
With an audience in the stadium of more than 40.000, the estimate is to raise more than 500.000 Eur.
This match was called the "Game against the Poverty".


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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Short term rentals

We finally have the ability to have Short Term Rental properties live on our website.
After another investment on our database, we started listing properties for short term. We count on soon having listed more than 50 properties for Short Term Rentals live!
TOPcasas always there for you!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Royal Obidos works re-started last week!

Royal Óbidos SPA & Golf Resort - Silver Coast - Official Partner & Agent

Works in this new development just re-started last week.
The operations to clean the site are being finalized, and it will now start infrastructure works allow Properties and Golf Course to start being built.

TOPcasas Silver Coast Estate Agents is proud to be one of the Official Partner & Agents, in case you want to get more detailed info on the Resort pleas feel freee to contact us!

Brief description of the resort:

Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort is located on Portugal's glittering Silver Coast, 45 miles north of Lisbon.

Situated on a 336 acre site close to the medieval town of Óbidos, this exciting new development will include luxury apartments and villas set alongside a fantastic 18-hole championship golf course designed by Severiano Ballesteros.

This eco-friendly resort offers a range of magnificently appointed properties, comprising a mix of two and three bedroom apartments with communal pools and three and four bedroom villas with private pools.

The beautiful and original resort architecture features contemporary designs using natural, traditional materials in the finishings, such as wood and stone.

The properties will be set around a stunning 18-hole Seve Ballesteros-designed championship golf course, and will be strategically placed to take full advantage of the beautiful location and the breathtaking sea views. Creatively and sympathetically situated to blend in with the wonderful pines and heather of the area, the residential villages feature streams, bridges, water features, courtyards, archways, cool piazzas, cycle paths, sculpture gardens and abundant greenery.

The resort will also feature a five star condominium hotel and spa with two-bedroom lock off apartments.

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Monday, 11 January 2010

No snow in the Silver Coast!

Despite the announced snowfall and temperatures down to -6 º C in the Silver Coast, we ended up with an end-to-week a little more windy than usual and with some rain.
Temperatures dropped to 1 ° C which is normal for this time of year.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is not that children will play in the snow!

It is recalled that in the last 40 years there was only snow in the Silver Coast, in November 2006 (photo attached).
In Portugal the snowfall is only reported annually in the area of "Serra da Estrela, which is about 2-3 hours drive from Caldas da Rainha, where tradition is the families of the Silver Coast go spend some breaks and have their first experience with snow.

Learn more about the "Serra da Estrela" here:


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Saturday, 9 January 2010



We have connections with local and international banks with whom you can consult and discuss your personal financial needs and they will assist in gaining all manner of information to enable you to finance or refinance your new property or obtain all types of financial guidance including attaining residential, commercial, flexible or fixed rate mortgages.

Typically when looking for a mortgage in Portugal you are looking for the following conditions:

Best current rate starting from Euribor 3 Months + 0,70% = 1,675%*
We will secure the mortgage that is right for you and your home in Portugal. We will match your requirements with the leading banks here in Portugal and provide you wih the best mortgage rate and terms to suit you, with no charge for our services*.

  • Up to 80% mortgage loan to value for non-residents
  • Up to 90% mortgage loan to value for residents
  • Repayment, interest only & fixed interest
  • Construction and bridging loans also available
  • Mortgage terms for up to 30 years (non residents) or 50 years(residents)
  • Interest only loans for up to 10 years
  • Mortgages for properties held in offshore companies
  • Life insurance not required on most mortgage loans
  • Best mortgage rates in Portugal
  • Mortgages Pre Approval

Why should you choose us?
  • Choice from over 10 banks offering mortgages to Non-Residents and Expatriate Residents
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Hands on personal service providing liaison with banks, lawyers and real estate agents
  • Languages spoken English, Deutch and Portuguese
  • Straight and stress free process
  • No costs

Some of the Banks we work with:


Please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +351 262183332 for more information.

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Dear clients and friends,

Following the launch of our new blog at we decided to de-activate posting on our former blog at, this former address will continue live and with a RSS feed to the new one.

Kind regards,

Richard Gomes
Managing Director
TOPcasas - Estate Agents for the Silver Coast
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Friday, 8 January 2010

Stamp Duty Changings!

Government is considering an end to the stamp duty tax in the Budget for this year.The Government wants to use the proposed State Budget for 2010 to advance the elimination of charging stamp duty on purchase and donation of property and its acquisition charge.Under this tax, should also disappear settlements in the leases, the allocations, a significant number of notarial acts (such as wills or heirs of education) and capital increases at companies.

Provided that was was announced by the Government takes place, seems that soon all new property buyers will feel a decrease on the tax to be paid upon the purchase moment.

The Stamp Duty tax is of 0,8% over the purchase cost meaning that a in property bought for 200.000 Eur., the property buyer will pay less 1.600 Eur. !

This change will have effect after application of new Budget for 2010, normally happening in February/March.

New TOPcasas Blog version!

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Since the launch of our company new website (  we have been improving the connection with our clients and general audience, we are now ready to have our blog updated on a regular basis with reliable & practical info about the Silver Coast.
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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sunshine is back to the Silver Coast!

TOPcasas Estate Agents

After many days with rain, wind and basically unstable weather we finally have the sun again!!!!

The Lagoon of Obidos:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The advance of the sea today forced the authorities to withdraw a children's amusement equipment of the beach, riding for several years on the beach of Foz do, Caldas da Rainha.

Emissario 1 - In association with Black Cove - Property Services"We were reminded last night by the President of the parish of Foz do that the sea was moving this morning and proceeded to dismantle because the water was to dig into the sand on one of the pillars told Lusa Hugo Oliveira Alderman Tourism in the Town Hall of Caldas. The advance of the sea in recent days prompted the president of the parish of Foz do, Fernando Horta, to ask the Civil Governor of Leiria, Paiva de Carvalho, the Monitoring Committee of the Lagoon "meets a matter of urgency." At issue is the possible danger of collapse of the outfall that carries the effluents of the municipality of Caldas da Rainha. "The tide is above the outfall and not yet excavated, but when you download let's see if the tube is not new to be discovered and are not likely to leave," said Fernando Horta. The advance of the sea is also causing a rise in water levels in the area of the docks, which were this morning "about half a meter box interception of emissary" and "Curb destroyed part of the bike lane" next to a zone stalls selling seafood. The waters of the West (the operating company by Multimunicipal Water Supply and Sanitation in the West) today assured the Lusa that will continue to monitor the north bank of the Lagoon and the sea front and "take the necessary emergency measures to that the structural integrity and operational system to the North Interceptor Lagoon and Obidos and Exutores Submarine Foz do will not be affected by the retreat of the shoreline. " The company has since January 2009, monitored the progress of the sea (and lake) in the vicinity of submarine flow points of Foz do and Interceptor General of the North Rim of the Lagoon, through detailed surveys of the entire line Coast on the beach of Foz do and limit the basin of the Lagoon, along the Avenue of the Sea and to the nearby port of the car park. In mid-December the company made an intervention as a matter of emergency in the area, where a stretch of about 30 meters from the interceptor was partially uncovered in front of the bar "Cais da Praia. But Fernando Horta showed up today convinced that "the sand has been placed all washed away, raising concerns the mayor to" what might happen if there is a rapid response. "

Foz on TV for the worst reasons!

RTP Noticias, Vídeo

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010: Price increases of light but most services will keep prices

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Starting today, the Portuguese families can count on more charges in the electricity bill, but most of the prices of goods and services will remain unchanged.

In the electricity bill this month, the families of mainland Portugal will notice an increase of 2.9 percent, representing an additional nearly a Euro (1) for a average bill of 40 Euros.

In Madeira, the increase would be 2.4 percent and the Azores will be 2.1 percent.

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