Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The advance of the sea today forced the authorities to withdraw a children's amusement equipment of the beach, riding for several years on the beach of Foz do, Caldas da Rainha.

Emissario 1

http://www.topcasas.co.uk/ - In association with Black Cove - Property Services http://www.blackcove.co.uk/"We were reminded last night by the President of the parish of Foz do that the sea was moving this morning and proceeded to dismantle because the water was to dig into the sand on one of the pillars told Lusa Hugo Oliveira Alderman Tourism in the Town Hall of Caldas. The advance of the sea in recent days prompted the president of the parish of Foz do, Fernando Horta, to ask the Civil Governor of Leiria, Paiva de Carvalho, the Monitoring Committee of the Lagoon "meets a matter of urgency." At issue is the possible danger of collapse of the outfall that carries the effluents of the municipality of Caldas da Rainha. "The tide is above the outfall and not yet excavated, but when you download let's see if the tube is not new to be discovered and are not likely to leave," said Fernando Horta. The advance of the sea is also causing a rise in water levels in the area of the docks, which were this morning "about half a meter box interception of emissary" and "Curb destroyed part of the bike lane" next to a zone stalls selling seafood. The waters of the West (the operating company by Multimunicipal Water Supply and Sanitation in the West) today assured the Lusa that will continue to monitor the north bank of the Lagoon and the sea front and "take the necessary emergency measures to that the structural integrity and operational system to the North Interceptor Lagoon and Obidos and Exutores Submarine Foz do will not be affected by the retreat of the shoreline. " The company has since January 2009, monitored the progress of the sea (and lake) in the vicinity of submarine flow points of Foz do and Interceptor General of the North Rim of the Lagoon, through detailed surveys of the entire line Coast on the beach of Foz do and limit the basin of the Lagoon, along the Avenue of the Sea and to the nearby port of the car park. In mid-December the company made an intervention as a matter of emergency in the area, where a stretch of about 30 meters from the interceptor was partially uncovered in front of the bar "Cais da Praia. But Fernando Horta showed up today convinced that "the sand has been placed all washed away, raising concerns the mayor to" what might happen if there is a rapid response. "

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