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FADO - World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

Portuguese traditional music "FADO" was recognized by the UNESCO to be World Cultural Heritage

We are proud to share with all of you that the portuguese traditional music called "FADO" was recognized this weekend 

Fado has just been given World Heritage status by UNESCO, meaning it’s protected as “intangible cultural heritage of humanity,” joining other unique cultural expressions such as the tango and flamenco. This musical style (which is actually more like a poetic recital) is strongly connected to the streets of Lisbon where it was born and has come to be symbolic of the Portuguese soul. Those interested in listening to Fado should look for the greatest Fado diva of all time, Amalia Rodrigues. She defined the style of the genre and has influenced an entire generation of young singers. The album to get is “The Art of Amalia Rodrigues” which should be available wherever World Music is sold. The queen of the new generation of “fadistas” is Grammy-nominated Mariza, and her album “Fado em Mim” is a great introduction to the singer and Fado music itself.

Not Fado but greatly representative of the sound of Lisbon is Madredeus, a band that received great acclaim and worldwide success in the 1990s. Their “Best Of” collection is called “Antologia” where you’ll hear their now-classic hits mixing the influences of Fado and modern folk. A former member has gone solo to great success, with his album “Cinema” having been considered one of the albums of the year by Billboard magazine in 2004. That’s Rodrigo Leão, a musician/composer with an obvious passion for Lisbon reflected in his music.
Also mixing Lisbon’s Fado with folk and pop is Dulce Pontes, a well-known name in World Music. Her biggest hit is “Canção do Mar,” first performed by Amália Rodrigues. You’ve heard that song if you watched the movie “Primal Fear” (starring Richard Gere) or the NBC/TNT drama “Southland” (it’s the theme song). Pontes’ “Best Of” CD is one of the top-selling Portuguese albums of all time.

To understand the relevance of Fado in Lisbon and on Portuguese culture in general, visit the Fado Museum whenever you’re in the city.

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Follow these links to learn more about FADO.
FADO song Mariza

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

1,8 million euros Investment in the Lagoon of Obidos - Silver Coast

1,8 million euros Investment in the Lagoon of Obidos
The portuguese Government has just approved and ordered sand dredging in the Lagoon of Obidos, located in Foz do Arelho - Silver Coast.
The project is meant to take about 6 months ending before the Summer of 2012, the sand will be used to extend the beach extension and make it possible for the connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagoon to work propertly.
In total it is expected to remove 350.000 cubic metres of sand and the operations will start until the end of this month (November, 2011)
It is good to know that despite the economic crisis, the Government is concerned about the situation of the Lagoon of Obidos.
The connection between the Atlantic Ocean is crucial to the survival of the eco-system and preservation of the fish habitat.
There are large amount of families that earn their income with the fishing activities in the Lagoon which would be in risk if this investment did not happen now!
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