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Obidos Medieval Fair

July / August - Obidos medieval fair

Medieval Fair in Obidos - 19th of July to the 12th of August

During the dates above the town of Óbidos will travel back and time and recreate the customs and spirit of medieval Europe.

Flowing vibrant banners and heraldic flags, wizards, jugglers,
court jesters, wandering minstrels, musicians and mimes provide the vivacious merriment.

Craft demonstrators and some 100 food, beverage and merchandise vendors take visitors to a time that has long passed.

The afternoon concludes with jousting knights on horseback.

Entertainment activities take place in all three stages of the Old Arms Square and in random areas of the fair. Visitants will also come upon two civil and military camp sites, replicas of assault weapons, surgical and domestic tools, and different animals, such as horses, ponies, donkeys, falcons and snakes.

Visitors can also enjoy a “medieval” style meal. Hearty soups, grilled meat and sausages, snails, cod, quail, rabbit, hog, lamb and squid are only some of the tasty delights offered by almost 20 taverns spread throughout the marketplace.

Whoever wishes may also exchange Euros for the local currency of the fair: the TORREÃO.
This coin was created especially for this event and is equivalent to the Euro. There is no exchange rate and you can take these coins home as souvenir.

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